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The Jaspe is Grayer's most luxurious flannel twill to date. A little lighter in weight, these super softies are crafted in a 6 ounce fabric made with 3-ply twisted  jaspe yarns and sueded to perfection. Jaspe is a weaving technique where we blend several colors of yarn to create high-lows, depth and richness. These subtle tonal plaids can be worn casually with denim and chinos or elevated under a casual blazer. What makes them even more special? Grayers design all of their own plaids. They weave their own fabric. 

  • Spread collar
  • Single patch pocket
  • Chambray detailing in yoke, placket and gusset
  • 2-ply twisted jaspe yarn
  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
Color: Jelly Bean
Size: S

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