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Santa Ana LE

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Cushion Bounce Phantom


  • Hand-forged, wider flat face with tapered legs.
  • Outside hallmark: crossed hammers.
  • Inside hallmarks: "Studebaker" and "PGH USA"
  • All sterling silver is hallmarked ".925" inside.
  • Available in work patina or high-polish finish.
  • 6 mm at widest point, 3.5 mm at thickest point.
  • Unisex sizing, please carefully reference size chart below.

Studebaker Metals size their cuffs and bracelets based on the circumference of the wearer's wrist, not the piece itself. To find your ideal size, they suggest wrapping a soft measuring tape or string comfortably taut around your wrist where you want your cuff to rest and recording the measurement without any slack -- don't worry, they account for comfort!  Find your corresponding size below:

  • 6 inches - Small
  • 6.5 inches - Medium
  • 7 inches - Large
  • 7.5 inches - XL
  • 8.0 inches - XXL

If you fall exactly between two sizes, we recommend sizing up or requesting a custom size. If you fall outside of our standard sizing range, we can do a custom size at no extra charge -- contact us!

Size: M

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