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This original Craft Cocktail Kit contains all the premium ingredients needed to create 2 Bloody Marys wherever you are - just grab your spirit of choice and mix it up.

  • W&P sourced the best small batch Bloody Mary mix with premium ingredients like tamarind, shallots, horseradish, red pepper sauce, celery seed & spices and superfine spicy rimming salt
  • Packaged in a red tin for compact toting (psst it's TSA-approved) with a recipe card, a petite bar spoon, Bloody Mary mix, rimming salt and a linen coaster for an elegant finishing touch — just add the hard stuff and stir
  • A perfect gift for bachelor/bachelorette parties, weekend getaways, stocking stuffers, or for anyone who appreciates the art of a great cocktail with top-notch, premium ingredients