By Harry's


Precision-Angled Blades

  • The magic of a great blade is strength at the base and sharpness at the tip. Harry's grinds steel into a specialized “Gothic Arch” angle to deliver just that. The razor cartridge has 5 precision-angled blades to spread pressure evenly across your face for maximum ease and comfort.

Ergonomic Handle Design

  • The Truman handle was designed for comfort and control. The handle has a weighted core for substance, and the molded exterior provides an ergonomic grip.

Moisturizing Shave Cream

  • Harry's shave cream is formulated with natural ingredients to deliver effortless glide during your shave. Your skin is soothed by licorice and cucumber, moisturized by marula and coconut oils, and refreshed by eucalyptus and peppermint.
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