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Peniche, Portugal

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Peniche, Portugal

Andrew VanAsselt, freelance photographer for Evrgreen and Revolvr and team member from our Revolvr Bend location, gives us a glimpse into his travels in Peniche, Portugal with his girlfriend Eva.

"Our first stop in Portugal is a little surf town called Peniche, it's a surfer's paradise, being one of the stops on the Surfers World Tour. We walked the cobblestone streets and beautiful beaches watching surfers from around the world. As we eat fresh food from local gardens and fresh caught seafood, it feels like there is no time and no schedule. We lay on the beach and when we get hungry we just walk up to the nearest surf shack to get food."

Adding to our wishlist of places to travel now. Have you visited Portugal? Tell us the must see places in the comments below.

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